How we work

Design is a collaborative process. Clear communication between client, design team members and contractor  is key to achieving our shared goal, a successful project.  Developing a clear understanding of our client’s brief is the first and most important step on every project. And so our first step every time is to listen.

The greatest resources we bring to projects are our extensive experience and the network of professional relationships we’ve cultivated over the years, and our commitment to the design process and the project.

Our experience gives us the knowledge to identify, research, understand and discuss possible engineering solutions. After presenting and discussing with the Client and design team we progress the most appropriate for each project. This may be a relatively straightforward and common structural solution based on well established engineering principles and techniques or  sometimes it may be a more innovative solution.

As the project progresses, we continue to provide alternatives and recommendations, in order to keep the job on track, and to anticipate and solve problems before they happen.

And as we are local be assured that our commitment to your project continues long after completion.